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Supercharge your LLM

By integrating blockchain data seamlessly


3xpl's LLM API acts as a middleware between your LLM front end and 27 blockchains. LLM API takes user request as the input, finds relevant transaction and address data, and outputs it in plain-text format which can be used as context for your LLM.

$ curl -d "data" \
    -H "Authorization: Bearer {token}" \
    -X POST https://api.3xpl.com/llm

    "data": {
        "request": "data",
        "tokenized": "tokenized data",
        "result": "result"
    "context": {...}
3xpl LLM API request in system window

How to get access to data services

Join our Discord server and go to the #faq section, where you can find authorization credentials and keys. We provide free access to data services for students and academics.

Available for 27 blockchains

Universal format for every blockchain

Arbitrum One Avalanche Base Beacon Chain Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash BNB Cardano Dash DigiByte Dogecoin Ethereum Fantom Gnosis Chain Handshake Litecoin Monero opBNB Optimism Peercoin Polkadot Polygon Polygon zkEVM Solana TON TRON Zcash